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ADB Safegate

Explaining Airport Performance with the Interactive Airport

Exploring airport performance – from arrival to take-off.


To explain, in a simple manner, how a broad product portfolio within airport management benefit an airport as a whole system.


The merger between ADB and Safegate needed a communication tool to give the ‘big picture’ of their full offering in an easy, digestible way. The content should be focusing on the customer challenges in todays airports, pin-pointing the bottle-necks of the increased demands on efficiency on the worlds largest airports.


Creating an interactive airport where the viewer easily can explore all of ADB Safegate’s products within airport solutions – from arrival to take-off.


A solution that is perfect for touch-interfaces and at fairs to be a digital support in the sales portfolio, but also available online at any time.

ADB Safegate


The interactive airport is one of the most visited pages on the site with high user engagement. It has peaks with x20 amount of traffic on big trade fairs, being the most visited page on the site.

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